Why should I laminate my project?

Are you tired of reprinting your menus? Lamination can enhance the finish and/or the durability of your print job, and even make it waterproof. We provide lamination in a wide variety of thicknesses and finishes.

What is 2 sided lamination?

2 Sided Lamination encloses a piece of paper on both sides with plastic film. It may be finished with a border/margin (encapsulation) which makes the piece waterproof. It may be trimmed flush to the paper, which looks better but allows moisture to penetrate the finished piece. The finished lamination can also be round cornered, hole punched, and more. Good For: Resturaunt Menus / Convention Badges / All Access Passes / Luggage Tags / Posters / Maps / Etc. Different films are used for offset printing and digital printing.

What is 1 sided lamination?

1 Sided Lamination is perfect for Book Covers or anything else which needs plastic on only one side. Normally uses a thin film laminate. Different finishes available. Paper must be oversize of the image and trimmed to size after lamination. We need 1/2″ around all four sides of the finished image for this laminating process. For example: A 12″ x 18″ sheet would have a maximum image size of 11″ x 17″ to be covered by laminate.

What is rigid vinyl lamination?

Similar to a credit card but available in greater thicknesses up to .12 total thickness. Good For: Evacuation / Waypoint Signage / Lockout Tags / Anything where extra rigidity is required. Several Finishes available (Gloss, Matte, Satin, Linen). Much more expensive than film lamination. A unique product. Pieces can not exceed 22″ x 30″.

How should my job be laminated?

First determine what you want to accomplish. Do you just want a thin finish? Or is durability your concern? We are available to guide you through the selection process. Samples are available. 

What finishes are available?

Gloss is the most common. Also available is Matte / Satin / Gloss Dry Erase / Velvet Soft Touch / And more

Can you help me learn how to laminate?

Yes! Of course! We sell laminating machines and supplies, both for home, office, school, and commercial use. We can help you learn how to use them. 

What is pouch lamination?

A pouch laminator is used for small jobs. A laminating pouch (butterfly pouch) is sealed on one edge. You open it up, insert your paper, insert the pouch into a paper carrier, then finally the paper carrier (with the pouch and paper inside) is inserted into the pouch laminator. It comes out finished. Sounds complicated, but it’s not! Many sizes and thicknesses of pouches are available. Great prices!

What is roll lamination?

Roll lamination uses two opposing rolls of thermal laminating film. The paper is inserted between the two layers of heated plastic, which is then laminated and cooled before exiting the machine. Machines available for office or industrial use.

When should I use Superstick lamination on a project?

Many digitally printed jobs require special laminating film adhesive to laminate successfully. When your project has heavy ink coverage or you will be cutting through ink (i.e. Die cutting, 3 hole punching or slot punching through an image area), a film with super aggresive adhesive designed for use on hard to stick surfaces should be used. This extra sticky adhesive film will add 30% to the final laminating cost. However, you will save additional time and money by eliminating the need to rerun a project that didn’t use the correct film to begin with.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! In Seattle: We deliver along the I-5 and the I-405 corridors, roughly from Auburn to Lynnwood:

There is a $200 minimum order requirement for us to deliver. 

Is there special film available for my Indigo printer?

Yes! We stock a wide variety of film with special adhesive for Indigo printers. This is a unique adhesive that has been fomulated specifically for HP Indigo prints.

Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum order is $50 for most jobs, $100 for one sided jobs, $200 for delivery (limitations apply)